Granite and Marble Fireplaces

A bespoke marble or granite fireplace makes a stunning focal point in any room

Granite and Marble Fireplaces

We offer bespoke marble and granite fireplaces to match your surroundings or interior design

Granite and Marble Fireplaces

Enhance the cozy ambience any marble and granite fireplace will bring on a cold winter evening

Every stone fireplace is a bespoke stone fireplace

A bespoke stone fireplace from Neostone in Kent is something that will enhance your home. And when you choose a stone fireplace from Neostone, you are choosing a stone fireplace made by craftsmen.

Neostone doesn't have a standard range of stone fireplaces. All stone fireplaces made by Neostone are bespoke stone fireplaces. Every piece of stone we use for our bespoke stone fireplaces is unique and each one has its own particular pattern and texture that only a natural stone can have.

Bespoke stone fireplaces from Neostone can be made to any design you require. Talk to us about your ideas, and we can turn them into reality – a beautiful and unique bespoke stone fireplace.


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Granite Kitchens

Granite kitchen worktops
can be appreciated
for a lifetime.

Granite Works

Bespoke granite products
manufactured to
the highest standards.

Granite Samples

Neostone presents a great
selection of different
granite stone samples.

Marble Bathrooms

Marble worktops in
your bathroom – a sense
of luxury and beauty.

Granite worktop repairs

Granite worktop repairs
and alterations on your
existing worktop.