A bespoke marble or granite fireplace makes a stunning focal point in any room

Granite worktops resist tremendous heat – perfect for a busy family kitchen

Granite kitchen worktops are waterproof, stain-resistant and very tough

Granite Worktop Maintenance

Granite is one of the toughest natural materials – perfectly suitable for countertops or busy kitchens and sparkling bathrooms. Granite is a beautiful, hygienic and long lasting material. And if looked after properly it will last a lifetime.
Bespoke granite and marble worktops from Neostone in Kent are all sealed before they leave the workshop but we recommend to reseal on a regular base. Ideally every four to six months. Oil based substances can sink into the granite. They can take a long time to dry. Therefore we recommend that all spills are mopped up immediately.

How to keep your granite happy

• Don't rub your granite worktop with abrasive materials (metal pads, wire wool or any chlorine based cleaners or bleach)
• Don't allow any build up of salt and detergent on your granite
• Don't hit your granite with something blunt and heavy
• Don't try to clean your granite worktop with any strong acids or chemicals.
• Just wipe your granite with a wet cloth.
Reseal your granite on a regular bases – every four to six months

Don't hesitate to ask Neostone about the maintenance of your granite and marble worktops.

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