A bespoke marble or granite fireplace makes a stunning focal point in any room

Granite worktops resist tremendous heat – perfect for a busy family kitchen

Granite kitchen worktops are waterproof, stain-resistant and very tough

About Granite

Granite – a natural material that lasts a lifetime
Granite worktops last forever and it will look great year after year. Granite worktops will resist tremendous heat, there is no pan too hot to place directly on the worktop in your granite kitchen. Food can be cut directly on the granite worktop, the surface will remain unmarked. Clean your worktops with a soft cloth and your granite kitchen will look as beautiful as the first day it was fitted.

Luxury and beauty in a natural material
These beautiful worktops in your kitchen will add value to your home and will give you great pleasure to work with and many business will want to communicate their grandeur and success by decorating conference rooms and offices with the stellar look of granite.

Granite Samples

Neostone presents a great
selection of different
granite stone samples.

Granite Works

Bespoke granite products
manufactured to
the highest standards.

Marble Bathrooms

Marble worktops in
your bathroom – a sense
of luxury and beauty.

Granite worktop repairs

Granite worktop repairs
and alterations on your
existing worktop.

Granite Kitchens

Granite kitchen worktops
can be appreciated
for a lifetime.